Most Expensive Female Escorts

Most of us know for a fact that prostitution is one of the oldest jobs in the world. The experience with an escort is something that cannot be explained in words. There are no strings attached, and hence you can do all that you want. To put is the right words you own her for a particular time period and she is all yours. There are a few things that you cannot even experience with your wife or your girlfriend, which you can do with prostitutes. The levels of filthiness can reach unimaginable heights. In this article, we will see some of the most expensive female escorts in the world.


Lauren is one of those pretty blonde escorts that give an amazing vibe. But believe us she might look cute but has a very different personality when accompanies you to bed. If you look at her reviews, they are mostly positive. Most of them say it just takes a few moments to fall for her. Every man who spots her will definitely want to have her at least ones in their life. As per reports she charges 24,000 dollars per night.

Natalie McLennan

Natalie McLennan rules the city of New York when it comes to escorts. She is the powerhouse of prostitution in New York City. She works with high profile clients and also had her fair share of controversies. She was busted for prostitution and money laundering. She has also graced the cover of New York Magazine as the highest paid prostitute in the city. She charges on an hourly basis and for eight hours she charges sixteen thousand dollars.

Alina Percea

Alina Percea is one girl who really knows how to market herself. She became world famous when she auctioned herself and her virginity openly. She had to go through medical exams in the big event to prove that she was a virgin. This exotic and beautiful teenager was from Romania. The popularity that she gained throughout the years helped her a lot to make it big in the escort business. Within a few years, she was providing her service to high profile clients and traveling the world to spend time with clients from various parts of the world. As of now, she charges nearly nine thousand dollars per night for her services.

Ava Xi’an

Ava Xi’an might be a famous escort. But she has a very sad story for entering the business. Ava’s father became very ill, and her family was not able to afford the money that they could pay for the medical expenses. That is when she decided to get into the business. Her charming and vibrant looks helped her out in a big way, and before she knew it, she was making a lot of money. She used the money that she earned to treat her dad. As she became one of the prominent names in the business, she charged forty thousand dollars per week and later she made it as six thousand five hundred dollars per night.

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