Services Offered By Escorts

Escort is one topic that will show how narrow-minded people we are. The perception that we have about escorts is that they are people who sell their body for money and all they do is have sex all the time.

There are reliable escorts with wide coverage of areas. In which the services that are offered by the Birmingham escorts can be customized. You should know that according to the service the pay will vary. In this article, we will discuss the services offered by the escort


This is a well-known thing and is not a secret. The major service offered by an escort is sex. But even in sex, there are different things and restrictions. Just because they are offering their body, it does not mean that you can do anything that you like. You need to stick on the conditions that were agreed before.


Massage is also one of the common services that are offered by escorts. In most of the cases, people generally do not order for just a message. They opt for a massage with sex. There is no doubt about the fact that a nude girl giving a message is a great turn on for men. If you are going through some proper escort sites like the Birmingham escort agency you can see that they have some specific page for massage and Birmingham escorts are known for the erotic massages that they give.

Company to events

There are escorts who just offer their services to be a good company. It is a fact that the world tends to judge you by the way to present yourself. Just imagine if you are accompanied by a stunning girl with you to any party the crowd will go crazy. At the same time, if you take a hot girl telling that she is your secretary, it can make a huge difference in your business meeting.

Non-sexual company

Some might think what the nonsexual company is? This is one of the areas where the services of escorts are being used. Places like strip clubs where the girl need to dance naked, escorts are hired for their services. There are some restaurants and bars were girls serve the dishes without any dresses. These are some of the places the escorts are hired but do not require them to have sex with anyone.

Photo shoots/web shows

In recent days posing nude for a magazine or for an advertisement has become very common. Even though there are celebrities who do that, they do it only for high brands. But for growing brands, they have no other option but to settle for good looking escorts.

There are also a lot of web shows that require women to strip off their clothes and do some things which the normal girls will not feel comfortable doing. In these situations, the escorts are approached to render their services.

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